The objective of the project was to explore the process of rapid prototyping and injection molding through redesigning a razor. The type of razor and its target audience were left open for the project. The final design takes elements found in straight razors in order to produce a classic, attractive design for men.
Vintage razors were the inspiration for this set of sketches.  Variations on safety and straight razors used before the invention of the modern razor made for a unique aesthetic and presented their own set of ergonomic challenges. A predominantly male target audience was intended, due to the prexisting demographic which previous razors were designed for.
I selected a handle inspired by a straight razor to take to the prototyping stage. As a reusable razor handle, a button was added to allow the user to eject the disposable razor head after it becomes dull. The exterior material is intended to be a hard, high gloss plastic, with the interior being a soft touch, rubbery plastic for a better grip. The hole at the end of the razor allows it to be hung on a hook with a string. 
After evaluating the 3D prototype, a slight taper was added to the rear of the razor to make it more comfortable to hold in the palm. As welll, a second button was added, to reduce the chance of accidentally ejecting the razor head while using the razor, as the user is forced to push both buttons to eject the razor head.
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