Inspired by Anglepoise lamps, the Lux Desk lamp is a study in the interaction between light and transparency, in addition to the interaction between manufactured and natural materials. The end result is a handsome desk lamp which is at home in both formal and casual settings. 

Several different concepts were tried before a final one was settled upon.
Finding correct proportions of the head in relation to the rest of the body proved to be a constant challenge, requiring multiple iterations in CAD until a satisfactory result was found.
Production of the piece presented significant challenges, with both wooden and acrylic components having to be precisely milled out in order to ensure a good fit between parts. With the parts sucessfully milled however, assembly and finishing proved to be a relatively simple process. 
The final product uses walnut for its arm and base, with acrylic making up the front element. The naturally dark color of walnut contrasts with the transparent, acrylic front element. The red power cord adds an element of playfulness to the lamp, as well as providing a visual detail which helps draw the viewer's eye to the head of the lamp. The overall form and hardware of the lamp reflect upon its original inspiration in floating arm lamps.
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